Photo-biography of

Young Suh Kim

  • What do they say about me?

    1. Video from the Marquis Who's Who.

    2. Video from the IAOTP (International Association of Top Professionals).

Childhood (1935-1946)

Teenager (1946-1954)

Undergraduate Years (1954-1958)

Princeton Years (1958-1962)

Period of Adjustments (1962-1966)

Years of Struggle (1966-1979): Most Valuable Years!

Dirac Years (1979-1986)

  • After going through Dirac's papers, I was able to see my own talent. I am effective in integrating the works of earlier creative scientists, as illustrated in this figure. It was late, but not too late.

  • Click here to see how I conneted these lakes.

Wigner Years (1986-90)

Optical Sciences (1990-2012)

Singing Einstein these days.

Personal History

I am a life-time student.
I love students, and they love me!

    Princeton's undergraduate students.
    Princeton's graduate students.
    Physics graduate students in Strasbourg (France).
    Physics graduate students in Vienna (Austria).

Life after 2007