Tesla and Westinghouse

    R. Stephen Berry

    is the James Franck Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus at the University of Chicago. Here is his home page. On October 12, 2010, he sent me the following e-mail about the first AC power plant built in Colorado. It is a pleasure to add his e-mail to this webpage.

    Dear Professor Kim,

    I enjoy your pages on various important and famous physicists. I thought I could pass on one little bit of information that might interest you regarding Tesla and Westinghouse. They collaborated with a local banker named Lucien Nunn in Telluride, Colorado, to build the first commercial AC power plant.

    The plant, in Ames, Colorado, south of Telluride and just west of Ophir, still stands and still operates. It generated 5 megawatts, using two water-driven generators. The first of the original two was replaced after a few years. When we last visited the plant last Summer, it was being refurbished, apparently to make it more tourist-friendly. Among the various URLs with information about the plant, you might try this one: http://bobalden.com/courses/eps/ames.htm


    Steve Berry

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