Ouyang Group Research

We are interested in exploring various emerging physical phenomena at the nanoscale, such as light-matter-spin interactions, by using a uniquely integrated multi-pronged experimental approach: nanomaterials advancement, ultrafast spectroscopy, and new local probe instrumentation and technology development, with an emphasis on:

(1) precise tailoring of nanostructures and their assembly based on the bottom-up synthetic paradigm that can serve as the basis for fundamental physics as well as building blocks for technological applications;

(2) discovery, understanding and manipulation of novel physics that emerge within nanoscale structures, including light-matter interactions, nanoplasmonics, nanospintronics and etc.

(3) novel instrumentation of local probe microscopy and spectroscopy (such as low temperature ultrafast confocal near-field optical microscope) as well as development of innovative concepts for next generation technology applications (including renewable energy) that are based on novel physics findings and meticulous engineering of nanostructures.