AMO/QCI Seminar Schedule Fall 2005

All talks are at 2:30 PM in Physics 1201. Refreshments start at 2:15 PM in the Toll Room.

Last updated on December 12, 2005

Date Type Speaker Topic Institution
2- Sep.(note special day. 2:30 in Phys 1201) AMO Gerhard Rempe "Control and manipulation of individual atoms and photons in cavity QED" Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics, Munich.
6-Sep. AMO Dan Gauthier "Using dissipative spatial structures to achieve ultra-low-light-level optical switching" Duke University
20 Sep.
27 Sep.
4 Oct.
7 Oct. (note special day, same time and place) AMO Kevin Moore "The ultracold atom storage ring" UC Berkeley
11 Oct. QCI Andrew Skinner "Title: Dissipative Dynamics of Entanglement and Coherence in a Chain-Boson Model" TBA
18 Oct. Joint AMO QCI Carl Williams "What does the Bose Hubbard Model say about Quantum Computation?" NIST Gaithersburg
25 Oct. AMO Gerald Gwinner Atomic clocks at 7% of the speed of light - a new limit on deviations from relativistic time dilation University of Manitoba
1 Nov. Joint AMO/QCI Stephen L. Adler "Confronting Stochastic Localization Models in Nanomechanical Oscillator and Gravitational Wave Detector Experiments " IAS Princeton
9 Nov. (note special day) at 4:00 PM Joint AMO Nuclear G. Savart "High-Precision Mass Measurements, Vud, and the CKM Matrix Unitarity" Argonne
15 Nov. QCI Anzi Hu TBA UMD
22 Nov. Thanksgiving
29 Nov. AMO Thomas Weinacht "Learning Control of Molecular Fragmentation" Stony Brook
6 Dec. AMO Mariana Safronova "Applications of polarizability calculations: from quantum computation to parity nonconservation" University of Delaware
12 Dec. at 1:30, in room 4208 Note special day, place, and time Joint AMO,GT Stefano Liberati "Analog quantum gravity phenomenology in a 2-BEC system" SISSA/ISAS, Trieste, Italy
Seminar Schedule for Spring 2005