Berlin - July 23-29, 2006


 Friday July 28

GT4 - Theoretical Issues in GR

Brill, Dieter

This session was originally entitled "Inertial Forces, Optical Metrics and Particle Motion", but then was expanded to include more general classical theoretical topics. As of June 29 there were 32 abstracts submitterd to this session. The organizers have been asked for more time than the available 4 hours of the schedule, but this has not (yet?) been granted. At present I therefore have to reneg on the promised minimum of 5 minutes indicated in the last version of this page, and choose speakers for longer presentations by the best logical scheme I could devise,* which however will seem arbitrary to some (and maybe even to everyone else). Because of the range of topics in the submitted abstracts we will not have an introductory summary, but I urge speakers who "belong together" (for example as co-authors) to make joint presentations (so there needs to be only one introduction for a set of several papers). The schedule below is still quite preliminary, I assume that not everyone listed will actually attend and time slots remain to be assigned (this will probably not happen until July 23).
*for example I allowed no papers that have a quantum or historical component, and urge those not chosen to change their affiliation to another session; similarly I hoped that those who have submitted papers to several other session can consolidate the material they intended for this session into their other presentations.
  N. Speaker Talk Title time
Equations of Motion and related topics

Gueron, Eduardo

Swimming x swinging in spacetime


Oliynyk, Todd

Post-Newtonian expansions for perfect fluids


Beissen, Nurzada

On deriving Lagrange function in the problem of two rotary bodies with the method of symmetrization


Abishev, Medeu

On relativistic equations of motion unambiguity problem in GR


Yunt, Elif

Spinning particle in Vaidya-de Sitter spacetime


Ozdemir, Nese

Gravitational collapse of spherically symmetric charged fluid in RN-de Sitter


  Bini, Donato

Relative strains in general relativity


Nester, James M

Quasilocal energy for cosmological models


Chen, Chiang-Mei

A quasilocal energy for an unusual slicing of static spherically symmetric metrics


Garecki, Janusz

On energy and momentum of the Friedman and more general universes


Rubilar, Guillermo

Invariant conserved currents in gravity theories with local Lorentz and diffeomorphism symmetry

Mathematical Issues

Bieri, Lydia

Stability of Solutions of the Einstein Equations


Whale, Ben

The Underlying Structure of the Abstract Boundary Construction


Nolan, Brien

Bounds for scalar waves and linear perturbations on self-similar naked-singularity backgrounds


Semiz, Ibrahim

Dyonic Kerr-Newman black holes, complex scalar field and Cosmic Censorship


Geralico, Andrea

Static perturbations by a point mass on a Schwarzschild black hole

Gravitomagnetism and inertia

Kagramanova, Valeria

On Properties of Vacuum Axial Symmetric Spacetime of Gravitomagnetic Monopole in Cylindrical Coordinates


Kovar, Jiri

Optical reference geometry and inertial forces in Kerr-de Sitter spacetimes