Elizabeth J.  Beise 

Professor of  Physics
    Room 4211-B in the Physics  Bldg

Here is a 2-page CV . For the long version with a full publication list, go here instead .

Recent Class Assignments

Research Interests: Experimental Nuclear Physics

Past Experiments were major activities:

  Representative publications:


Ph.D. theses of students who have worked with me:  (you can find their theses at www.physics.umd.edu/enp/theses , and you can find out what they're doing now by clicking here. )

Colleen Ellis, Ph.D. 2010
Jon Miller, Ph.D. 2009
Tanja Horn, Ph.D., 2006
Jianglai Liu, Ph.D., 2006  (Jianglai won the 2006 Jefferson Science Associates thesis award at Jefferson Laboratory)
Damon T. Spayde, Ph.D., 2001 (Damon won the 2001 Peter Demos Award at the MIT-Bates Laboratory)
Kenneth Gustafsson, Ph.D., 2000

Richard K. Mohring, Ph.D., 1999


Here's a talk I put together in 2006 on Preparing for an Academic Career